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Fun Square Games wants to welcome DizzyAaron!!

New PVE pack

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Jan 27, 17

Our new PvE modpack is up at Server IP preloaded, have fun!

There is also a forum post for

extra claimblocks!

50% Off!

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 21, 16

Starting today we are running our 50% off sale in our donator store! Feel free to go check it out.

We at FSG would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a big thank you for being such a great community!

Coming soon....

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 18, 16

First, we hope you all are enjoying your holidays and vacations from school (for those of you that have them). Next, keep your eyes open on our site here for the holiday sale coming soon. Thats right, we will be having our annual FSG holiday sale coming up, so stay tuned here in the next few days for that announcement. 

You read the title right!  We now have an Infinity lite as well as Direwolf20 1.10.2 open.

These are the newest 1.10 modpacks we have open along with Hermit Pack being our first. Please keep in mind that 1.10 can be a bit tempermental at times so please be patient with them :)

You can reach all of these servers through the curse launcher as well as the ftb launcher.

Make sure you visit our forums for your free 100 blocks as well as your free blocks from the donor shop.

We hope to see you all on our server having fun and building great builds for us to see!

Recent news

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Oct 2, 16

If you have tried to get onto Arcania and can't that is because we just updated it to 4.0.3. This will bring in an evilcraft update as well as better builders wands and you can craft vending machines to use in your claimed areas now.

We also want you all to keep an eye open for our new 1.10 modpack we are working on. We have a few more things to work on and it will be up and running. It will be a PvE pack as well.

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