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Fun Square Games wants to welcome DizzyAaron!!

We are looking for someone to build our spawn for our upcoming forge 1.10 pack. We would like the spawn based around the mods we have in the pack. Please let us know if you are interested and we can get on discord and go over details with you.

[Amber] pokeie123 I might have a go, i'll be on discord later .

Great Turnout

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Aug 20, 16

As you all know we had a spawn defense event yesterday to close out our old Arcania Craft map. We want to thank everyone who came out to participate. We had a blast even though we had a few who didn't "understand" the rules ;) we still had a blast. If you did not make it to the event I have posted pics in our gallery at this link.

Also, we want to thank Leo for making this awesome video of the event.

You can see this here:

We now have a nice fresh new map of Arcania Craft and we welcome you all to come play and have fun on there with us.

Again we thank all of you!

-FSG Staff

As the title says, Arcania craft spawn defense event will start in 6h, check the forum post for details.

A Reminder

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Aug 19, 16

Just a quick reminder to all players on our servers, please make sure you go and read our server rules forum post here! It is important that you read and understand these.

Thank you

We have decided that there will be a full map reset for Arcania Craft. The map is pretty old and it is time for a facelift. We will be releasing the map on Saturday August 20th. We hope to see you all there for the opening and check out what new and exciting things we will have for you all.

As usual with our map resets there are some things you will need to know. Please read this post from the forums on information.

If there are any other questions please feel free to ask or open a support ticket and ask.

Also as an added touch we are having a server defense event saturday August 20th 2:00pm EST. For more information on the event click on this link.

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